Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak Peeks

Your ultra sound experience is one of the funnest parts of your pregnancy. You finally get to lay eyes on your sweet little baby. For most this is a major mile stone to reach during your pregnancy and for most the one time deal is never enough! For me it's just plain lack of patience, I just want to get as close my little ones as much and as soon as possible. Some women will even try to get extra ultra sounds by being sneaky. I am not going to name names. . .(shhh it was me!) but one woman resorted to producing a few tears of "fear" of twins with her last baby. This combined with the surprise of the pregnancy I (I mean she) persuaded my doctor to give me an early glimpse of my little unexpected bit of joy. I then had my regularly scheduled ultra sound where our family found out we would be getting a 2nd little sister added to our brood. Still that was not enough, I wanted to see more of this little girl. So, as I had done with my first three I scheduled another ultra sound with a commercial fetal ultra sound portrait studio.

I personally was won over by Utah's Fetal Fotos with my first baby and returned the next three pregnancies to catch the sneak peeks of my little ones. During my 2nd pregnancy I heard something about ultra sounds possibly being dangerous for the baby. Since this had been a favorite part of my pregnancy I didn't want to give it up, but decided to find out for sure. What I read then and what I have researched for this post was the same; there is no clear evidence that ultra sounds have had an adverse affect on a fetus, but that women should be cautioned. I read an article that gave both sides and listed some studies as well as what the FDA has said. I also found an article that gives a great deal of information regarding ultra sounds in general as well as words of caution and facts. These are great sites if you want to start some research for yourself.
As for me, I couldn't resist seeing my babies as often as possible. I really liked going to the Fetal Foto studio and having lots of little momentos and treasures to keep to remember my pregnancies and to add to my little ones' scrap books. I found one site that you can also get your belly casted as a momento of pregnancy! If I would have known, I probably would have had that done too!

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