Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sanitizing bottles.

We all know how harmful germs can be, especially to an infant or small child.  It is very hard to know if you are getting your baby's bottles and pacifiers clean and germ free.  After all, there are many methods for cleaning out there.  

When cleaning my baby bottles, I want to use a proven method.  Recently I heard that you can use Clorox Bleach for cleaning bottles and other baby items.  You can even use bleach to clean your children's toys.  It was something that I wanted to try, but I needed to know how to use it correctly just to make sure that I didn't hurt anyone.

I went to the Clorox Bleach website and found tons of information on cleaning and sanitizing.  Not only did it tell me how to clean my baby items, but also how to create safe drinking water and clean other items in my home.

Give it a try, it might just help keep your baby healthy.

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