Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To eat or not to eat...

That is the question!

When I was close to my delivery date with my first child, my doctor advised me that once I went into labor I should not eat or drink anything.  When I was close to bursting with my third, I asked my midwife if I could eat or drink when I was in labor.  "OF COURSE!" was her response.

Delivery 1:  Water breaks at 5am.  Following doctors orders I put an immediate halt to all food and drinks.  I starved, I was thirsty.  Everyone around me was either eating, or drinking, or smelt like food.  It was torture!  I suffered all day long.  Finally at 6pm she was born, and what do they give me?  Ice-chips!  I was not OK with this situation, and knew that next time needed to be different.

Delivery 2:  Started to have some contractions.  On the way to the hospital at 7am, I told my husband to make a pit-stop at Dennys.  I ate an omelet, and I ate pancakes with tons of syrup.  I drank juice and water, and I was happy.  In pain, but happy.  After all what the doctor didn't know wouldn't hurt him.  The labor was long and hard.  Honestly, I couldn't have done it without all those extra carbs.

Delivery 3:  In labor I sent the husband to find me a burger and root beer float.  Sat in the tub enjoying them with my husband begging me to go to the birthing center.  Between contractions I loved that food, and devoured every last drop.  By the time we finally left, it was nearly too late, and I spent the car ride with a freaked out husband telling me to quit pushing while I pushed and pushed. (It felt good to push, what can I say?) Moments after our arrival (less than a minute to be exact) he was born.  Maybe the grease from the burger and fries helped in slide out quickly, you never know!

So my question is this:  Should women eat in labor, if not, WHY?  I found so many mixed reviews.  Some say that it is actually better to eat while in labor, and some say that it could cause you to vomit and aspirate.  But, most people have food in their stomachs at all times anyways, so the risk is always there, and the risk is so low that it is almost unheard of.

After doing tons of research, I have concluded (keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor) that it is in fact better to eat and drink during labor.  We need the energy, nutrients, and let's face it eating milkshakes lifts the spirits.  What do you think?

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  1. I say eat! I was sick all nine months of my pregnancy. I threw up every single day, and my delivery was the same. I went to the hospital at 4:00 pm. I didn't have anthing to eat for about ten hours before I was supposed to push. I had a epidural so I felt no pain. I was throwing up the whole time I was delivering. My doctor to me that even though I couldn't feel the pain my body was registering that it was in pain. Throwing up was my bodies reaction to the pain. So maybe it has nothing to do with food at all.