Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is there hair in there?

Maybe it is just a myth, but many women report high levels of heartburn when they are pregnant caused by their baby's hair. I remember being pregnant and having the worst heartburn. It would get so bad sometimes that I thought I would need to go to the emergency room! I of course carried a Costco sized bottle of TUMS with me at all times, and in the bad times, tried to find comfort by picturing my baby being born with a full head of that soft baby hair. That hair that looks so great and smells so good.

When she was born, the first thing I did was notice all of her black hair (although I was not sure how it was black) and thought how great it would be that the heartburn would stop.

The next time I found out that I was pregnant, I ran out to Costco for another bottle of TUMS. You can never be too ready when heartburn strikes! I had heartburn maybe the first few weeks of my pregnancy, but never again. When he was born (pretty bald) I knew that the heartburn theory was in fact true.  

There are so many little "sure signs" that we hear about when we are pregnant.  You can find out more of them in our book My Bloomin' Belly.  Check it out!

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