Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PAPER, PLASTIC or do you have YOUR OWN?

My mom is one of 7 children. Whenever I complain about wrestling my 4 she says, "Can you imagine 7?" I think to myself (an only child), "NO, can you??" My mom always likes to remind me about the bright side and how easy I have it. Even when she only had my wee little diapers to change and I have had 3 in diapers at once, she always puts me in check. So when ever I have a little grumble about my diaper woes I get, "I remember my job of rinsing out my brother and sisters diapers in the toilet!"
To be fair, she used to tell me this story before I even had children. So when I had my own children, I have to admit I was grateful for the disposable diapers I had at my finger tips. To my knowledge at the time, the old cloth diapers and all the horrors that went with them were gone with my mom's childhood chores!
When I had my second baby, I heard something incredible. There are actually people that still use cloth diapers!! As I listened to this woman speak about cloth diapers, I was shocked! Why would a person put themselves through the horrors of POOP and washing it?? YUCK! My mom's stories raced through my mind. I could never ever do it. I am too much of a ooey gooey avoider. I really can barely manage changing diapers as it is.
BUTT . . .
By the end of the woman's little pitch, I really could have been sold on the idea. Especially now as the economy is in such a scary state, if I was going to have more children I really might consider the switch to the cloth diapers. Here is why:

Did you know the average cost of disposable diapers for one year is somewhere around $1000.00? Think about if your child doesn't potty train until age 3 (average for boys) and then consider the pull ups to use at night? AND that is just if you have ONE child! The total cost could be staggering!! You can buy once and really re-use for most to all of your consecutive children. Think of all that extra shoe shopping you can do for your new big feet!!
Calculate it for yourself and you might get tempted.

If you care about the environment and are trying to find a way to make a difference. . .
Well, this could be a huge way. By using cloth diapers, waste goes in the toilet to sewage treatment plants, not to the dump where eventually everything gets buried and absorbed into the soil and eventually into our drinking water. Do I have to even mention the decomposition of disposable diapers? Well, they don't!

Cloth can be better for baby too. There are no chemicals or anything in cloth diapers and can be better for baby's with sensitve skin.

Can be more convienient. YES, really! Think about it, no runs to the store as you realize your on your last diaper!

These are just a few reasons, but like we always say at Bloomin Belly, do what works best for you and your family. Cloth diapers are more natural, cloth diapers are more cost efficient, cloth diapers have velcro now, cloth diapers can help save the planet, and cloth diapers could be for you!

The last set of hyper-links (cloth diapers) are all different sites where you can look at cloth diaper products.

Good Luck and happy diapering!!


  1. In 1975-77, I used both cloth (for at home) and "toss" (for away from home) - it worked well - plus I used the toss for night-time to keep my baby drier.. it worked really well. I did do a happy dance when she was potty trained - I saved $32.00 a month!!

  2. Even though I can see the benefits of cloth--I am not going to do it. (I might keep a few on reserve though...)

  3. As a soon-to-be first time mother (and tree-hugger), I would LOVE to say that I am committed to cloth diapers. But I just don't know...