Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I was pregnant with my first child I was teaching in an elementary school. This required me to be on my feet for long hours and I was constantly busy and very active. In addition, I had to pack up my classroom for some building renovations that summer. I lugged and hauled boxes all in my early 3rd trimester into the week before I delivered. Many of my co-workers exclaimed in disbelief with how active I was and to BE CAREFUL!! But I felt great. I had always been active and I just continued that same life style. With my consecutive children I was also very active. I had to be!! What with chasing my other children around, I could be nothing less. I went up and down stairs, lifted babies, grocery bags and I tried to get a lot of walking in for even more exercise. Recently, I heard a story of a perfectly healthy pregnant woman that quit her job as a cashier because she felt it was too active and wanted the baby to be safe. Now, I am very into doing what is best for you, so I am not judging. However, I did wonder which was better? Being active and exercising during pregnancy or reducing your activity, taking it easy and just resting during pregnancy.
What I found was that exercise and physical activity is good for everyone EVEN PREGNANT people!

Some listed benefits are:
1) easier labor if physically fit
2) faster recovery rate from pregnancy and labor
3) improved self-image
4) less discomforts during pregnancy
5) reduced risk of gestational diabetes

Now this isn't to say go run a marathon if your pregnant! (Although some people do!) Do what is best for you. Maybe this woman I heard about had some other reason that didn't get conveyed to me. . .but, if you feel good and you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy, I would say get some exercise. My favorite was walking (I used it as an excuse to go shop, you have to walk to shop, right?) Another great low impact one is swimming. I have heard a lot of women love going swimming during the last part of pregnancy because it relieves the weight and pressure the baby is putting on them. What ever is good for you JUST DO IT!!

Here are a few sites that had some good guidelines and suggestions for exercising while pregnant:

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