Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is that Wednesday!

What's that? It's a layette! For most, a layette is a set of clothing for baby. If you thought that too, you are pretty much right. Layette comes from the French meaning "little box" or "chest". I imagine the French using the word for a dresser filled with clothes for baby. But a layette is actually more than just clothing it is also the accessories and bedding that you need to have ready before baby arrives.
I learned what a layette was during my first pregnancy, but I didn't get it all right. I got too many of some things, not enough of other things and also forgot a couple of things entirely that sent my husband running to the store the day we brought baby home and realized we needed something. If memory serves I think we had forgotten infant bottles! Duh!
So here's the advice!
1. Think about the weather! You won't need a lot of winter clothes if it is 100 degrees! However, when babies are sleeping and inactive they do get chilly so even if it is summer time when you are due make sure to get at least a few little baby caps.
2. Don't get too many clothes for 0-3 months and nothing for 3-6 months! Some babies are big enough that they barely fit into the 0-3 month clothes! Make sure to have at least a few bigger sizes on hand just in case!
3. You really don't need more than 2 crib/bassinet sheets. That way when you take off one to wash it you have one. Seriously, you don't need more than that.
4. Don't forget bath time. Do you really want to wrap your sweet, smooth perfectly soft little baby in that old towel you have been using? No!! Make sure to get a few baby towels and wash cloths!
5. For some reason I ended up with about a billion baby blankets. It's what people like to give you the most at showers for some reason! My favorites were the light (receiving) ones to swaddle and a heavier one to cover with. I also liked the one big one to lay out on the floor for baby to hang out on.
6. You decide for yourself, but the lists on-line all say to get a gown, but I personally hated the gowns. Baby's feet poke out and get cold and they are terrible to try work around when you are trying to get baby in the car seat!
7. Even if you are planning to breast feed, have a few bottles on hand just in case you need them. Or even just one is good. You may not end up using it if nursing comes natural for you, but you don't want it to be the middle of the night, baby screaming and you frazzled. In my book, it's just better to be safe than sorry.

For a complete layette check list check out the following sites!

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