Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here Ye, Here Ye a Baby is Born!!

You're baby is here and it you want to announce to the world the addition to your family, but how do you do it with grace and style?

A few key rules I found were that:

1) Announcements are sent out as close to the birth as possible, but is tactfully done within baby's first 6 months.

People know that having a baby can really take over life, especially if there are extenuating circumstances involved. Our second baby was born unexpectedly with Down Syndrome and it took a good while before I could even figure out what to say and how to word the announcement so that people would know about Vivi's Downs but also know that we were still joyful about her arrival.

2) Send your announcements to anyone and everyone you want to share your good news with.

There is no rule of who to send your announcements to. It is whoever you feel would like to hear the news or who you want to tell!

3) A birth announcement is not the place to put where you are registered for baby items.

Save that for your showers. When people receive your announcement they will usually contact you or ask family and friends about what you need if they want to send a gift.

4) Include vital statistics like:

date and time of birth

weight and length of baby

baby's full name

5) If you like cheesy a birth announcement is the place for it!!

Introduce you baby in a sweet and fun way, by using a fun quote, saying, bible verse, etc.

A cute one I saw a few times was. . .

"Our family has grown by 2 feet!"

This type of saying would be especially cute with multiple births

6) Make it cute, it is worth it.

You can keep one in your scrap book and make it a memento to cherish always! It would even be a cute nursery decoration to frame and keep up on the wall or on a dresser.

Whatever you choose for your sayings, if you include a photo or not, how many people you send them to, you won't go wrong with InkOBESSIONdesigns. They are some of the cutest announcements (and any other stationary item you can imagine) that we have seen. The designs are unique and really fun and they have tons of great deals and coupon codes to stay within budget as well! Be sure to check them out when choosing your announcements and thank you cards, I guarantee you will get tons of compliments on them and they will for sure be something you can use to decorate with if that is something else you are interested in!
Happy announcing!!

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