Friday, January 16, 2009


Sleeping baby = happy mom!

After baby is born you are simply exhausted. You have gone through labor and then go through the next several weeks (even months) without a full night sleep as you get up with your new little one through the night. It is every new mother's dream come true when their little angel finally sleeps through the night!
I love my sleep, I hate going without it, and I am shocked when I hear so many moms say their babies are not sleeping through the night when baby is 3 and 4 months old!! I even hear stories of babies not sleeping through the night at a year old!! I would have died, seriously!! If you love your sleep like I do, I have the answer to getting your little cutie to sleep through the night. It does not come without effort but, out of my 4 children all 4 have slept through the whole night by 8 weeks. My oldest was 7 weeks, 2nd 6 weeks, 3rd and 4th were about 8 weeks.
The secret is a FLEXIBLE schedule system I learned from a book called Baby Wise. It is incredible. A lot of my friends started this and gave up (like I said it does require some effort) and their babies didn't sleep through the night until 6 months or later!! Serious, I would have DIED!! 6 months is too long, for me it was worth the effort to get my sleep.
The core idea of the program is to follow a pattern of baby eating, being awake for a time and then sleeping. It also is very centered on parents being the ones to decide the schedule NOT baby. This is ultimately the hard part because when baby is sleeping you want to let them sleep. But sometimes babies get their days and nights confused and want to sleep all day and then are awake all night. That is when Baby Wise comes to the rescue.
Anyway it totally worked for me and because it is Freebie Friday, we are giving away a copy of Baby Wise.

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