Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unexpected Foods Keep Morning Sickness at Bay

I can't remember where I first heard it, but I checked it out and there is some validity to eating almonds to reduce morning sickness. The theory is that almonds are rich in B vitamins which is something that has long been linked to morning sickness. One trick that I found was to chew the almonds as long as possible to release the enzymes and to help the absorbtion into your system. It's important though to remember to not eat anything in excess. A handful a day is plenty.

Another wierd thing I read to help morning sickness is to eat salt and vinegar chips! This is suggested because sometimes morning sickness is caused by the excess saliva that we produce when we are pregnant. Salt and vinegar both help dry up that excess saliva!

Certain spices can also help. Cinnamon and ginger have been reported as helping allieviate morning sickness. A little sliver or shaving of ginger has been said to work when hit with a wave of nausea. You can also try ginger tea.

These may sound wierd, but may be worth a try. Just remember to not over do any of these. Too much of anything may have the reverse affect and may make you feel worse! Everything in moderation and maybe different things will help at different times through out the day.

Post a comment about what has helped you with morning sickness!

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