Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top 5 Fave Baby Shower Games

#1 Has to be the "Guess the Poopie Diaper". This is where you semi melt different candy bars and smear them in the diaper and the party goers guess what kind of candy bar it was.

#2 "Feed your baby" is pretty funny. You can do this in two ways. The first that I have seen done is where people pair up. One is the baby and one is the mommy. The mommy feeds the baby the baby food and which ever couple is done first wins. I have also seen this done with bottles and individuals have to drink from a bottle. Whoever finishes first wins.

#3 "Guess Who". This one takes some planning and effort but is really cute. Display pictures of the guests (include mom and dad to be) when they were babies and then have everyone try to guess who is who.

#4 "They said what?" As the mom to be opens her gifts write down a few phrases she says. When she is finished tell the group it is an old wives tale that what the mom to be says as she opens her baby shower gifts are the same things she said the night the baby was conceived.

#5 "Sock Toss" Buy several pairs of baby socks with different patterns toss them in the air onto the floor and whoever can make the most matches wins! This one can get wild and depending on the number of guests you will need to have a good amount of socks.

Tell us some of your favorite baby shower games!


  1. Oh, #4 can be hilarious! It is almost inevitable that she will say "Oh, it is so small!" of course referring to a baby outfit!

  2. I did something similar to #2 at my shower, it was lots of fun. I have heard of #1 before. I haven't ever experienced it but that would be hilarious.

  3. #1 is really funny and really gross! Some people will put strained peas baby food in the diapers...

    One game that I think is kind of dumb is when people have you guess when the baby will be born. They say they will give you a prize if you get it right, but the follow up never happens!

  4. You must have been at some FUN showers. I love #4 - that's hilarious.